Dinner Menu

dinner menu

**Please note that we update our menu frequently and posted menus do not always reflect these changes. Thank you for your understanding.**

CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS Steens cane syrup, pickled carrots, three graces feta (V,G*) 6

SPICY BUFFALO FRIED GREEN TOMATOES blue cheese lime yogurt (V) 5.5

ROASTED 10 MILE FARM CAULIFLOWER cauliflower puree, brown-butter sorghum vinaigrette, cheddar, scallion (V,G) 7.5

GAINING GROUND FARMS TURNIPS candied yam puree, mustard greens, citrus, charred onion (V,G)   6

GRIDDLED 10 MILE FARM BOK CHOY carrot puree, spiced spanish corn nuts, olive relish, hot pepper vinaigrette (V,G)    7

GNOCCHI three graces chevre, local butternut squash, radish, mustard greens (V)  9

SEARED SCALLOPS* smoked pumpkin polenta, chili-beet vinaigrette, shaved fennel, pomegranate 15

CRISPY GULF SHRIMP malt vinegar aioli, mushy pea puree 11.5

GRIDDLED CRAB CAKES skordalia, shaved vegetable salad, hot pepper mojo  12

RISOTTO crawfish, mushrooms, mustard greens, spicy peppers (G)  13

PAN SEARED GOLDEN TILEFISH coconut-potato puree, cauliflower cous cous, tarragon powder (G)  13

BLACKENED HNG FARM BEEF TONGUE citrus-watercress-radish salad, poblano buttermilk, crispy onions  8

VENISON AGNOLOTTI herbs, evoo, parmigiano Reggiano, bread crumbs (V)  10

AMERICAN PIG BRATWURST potato salad, mustard cheddar sauce, crispy kraut  7

SWEET POTATO STUFFED QUAIL rutabaga puree, dried apricot relish, charred green onions (G)   13

SLOW ROASTED HNG FARM PORK BELLY country ham arancini, chow chow, root beer bbq  12

SEARED HNG PETITE FILET* (6oz) potato-andouille hash, 10 mile farms turnips, chimichurri (G) 16

ARUGULA & BEETS, valdeon, pecans, currants, citrus vinaigrette (V,G)

ROMAINE HEARTS bacon, pickled vegetables, corn nuts, buttermilk ranch (G)

SS FARMS MIXED GREENS, three graces feta, apple, shaved radish, peanuts, sorghum vinaigrette (V,G)



SEARED SUNBURST FARM TROUT* barlotto, gaining ground farm carrots, watercress, chorizo vinaigrette (G)  21

BLACKENED NC CATFISH jambalaya, honey-tabasco butter, collard greens (G)  17

FRIED SPRINGER MOUNTAIN CHICKEN BREAST scallion whipped potatoes, kilt cabbage, charred onion & apple relish, sorghum 18

HNG FARM PORK SCHNITZEL braised collards, potato gratin, sauerkraut, lemon-sage butter sauce 19

PAN ROASTED HANGER STEAK*(10 oz) roasted root vegetables, vegetable puree, blue potatoes, roasted garlic sauce (G)  24

LO-FI BURGER* double patty, burger sauce, LTO, American cheese 9 (G*) add frites (V,G) 2.25

HI-FI BURGER* single patty, pepper-onion jam, bacon, blue cheese, arugula (G*) 11.5 add frites (V,G) 2.25

APPLE PECAN CURRANT BREAD PUDDING rum caramel sauce, house-made whipped cream 5

POT DE CREME house-made whipped cream, coconut biscotti (G*) 5

CASHEW BUTTER & JELLY PANNA COTTA white bread crumbs (G) 5



*These items may be cooked to order, consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of foodborne illness. And be delicious

V: Vegetarian

G: Gluten-less

G*: Gluten-less with modifications